West Virginia Boudoir by Jasmine Rose

Bring out your inner naughty girl with my modern boudoir style. You wont find any of that “cute” girly boudoir here. 

Woman riding a tube floatation device in a pool at night.

Hello my name is Jasmine and I am a wife, mother and boudoir photographer here in West Virginia. Boudoir is my passion. I love empowering my fellow ladies out there. You will love how sexy you look. 

If you look at other boudoir photos, you’ll see most of them all look alike. Boring lingerie images with no sexiness to them at all. After a short stint working at Sin Boudoir in Orlando, I decided to change that and make my boudoir style a little more hot. 

Think playboy magazine for what we are shooting for. It’s 2024, no reason to hide your sexiness. Take ownership of your body and empower yourself with Jasmine Rose Boudoir.

I have great prices too! My packages run between $12,000-$20,000! So low compared to others!

Boudoir client on a bed.